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Katana Shock Mod
(replacining the GS 500 OEM rear shock with a Katana shock)

Click on the image above to compare.
"The long clevise Katana shock will fit a 96+ GS. The shock will raise the back ~1 inch when the bike is
standing and will prevent the bike from sagging about 1 inch less when you're riding it. That will be the 2inch gain in height and a lot better composure on the ride. If you are over 160 lbs with gear you will be happy with it. Unless of course you are 300+ lbs, then you need to get off the poor GS and get a big bike like a Gold wing. You dont want a shock with only preload. Katana shocks have preload and rebound and so do all the others that I recommend on a GS. This is a 600 Katana shock and see the dial it has near the top. That is for
rebound. Great for the GS." _Srinath.
Removal and installation is simple because there is only three bolts and a plastic cap to remove.
Step 1

Put Bike on center stand.
Remove the plastic cap (A) from the left side of the bike with a flat head screw driver. This will give you access to the top shock bolt (B).
Step 2

Remove top shock bolt (B). On the right side I used a wrench. On the left side I used a long socket with an extension. It needs to be around eight inches to reach. A pipe over my ratchet helped provide the torque needed to loosen that sucker.
Step 3

Remove bolts (C) and (D) from bottom of the shock. The picture above was taken after the bolts were already out. You can see how the linkage dropped behind tail pipe. That is why the (C) bolt is drawn to two places.
Now just wiggle things around and your old shock should fall out the bottom. Be careful not to harm the bearings in the linkage. Now just put in the Katana shock and secure it with the top shock bolt (B). Replacing bolts (C) and (D) will require moving the tire up a little. I used a two by four wedged under the tire but you could get someone to hold it up while you put the bolts in. You can use your old spanner wrench just like before to adjust your pre load. You can also now play with rebound using that well within reach dial at the top of the shock.

I would like to thank Srinath for contibuting with his knowlege on compatable GS shocks and for that funny qoute at the top. I would also like to thank  Pablo for selling me my shock and passing on the how-to knowlege that Gudly (Doug) showed him.