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2002 GS 500 OEM     2000 Katana 600

"The shocks that will work on a GS lets see... 89-95 GS will take any shock basically, The aluminium clevise GS can accept any short or long clevise shock. The 96+ gs needs a shock with a long clevise or some grinding on the steel linkage to clear the short shock clevise. Long clevise shocks. All 600 Kat's, 92-93 GSXR 600, Bandit 1200 and more Short clevise shocks. 88-95 gsxr 750, 89-98 GSXR 1100, All 750 Kat's, All RF 6 and 9's, some old GS series bikes like the GS 700 ES etc. In the short clevise bike list the GSXR and RF shocks have that adjustment dial in the bottom of the clevise that makes the shock a little more like the short clevise one even though they are the long clevise kind. You dont want to risk hitting that dial with the linkage when the bike is running so treat it like a short clevise. That's all I can think of right now." _ Srinath