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GS 500 related links

GS 500 Forums

GSTwin-This page has been around forever. The forum is always busy but the search  feature is useless and the owners don't even visit the page anymore.

GS Power-This page is only a few months old so there is not a ton of traffic yet but if you have a question it is still a good place for answers. It is nicely designed with better forum search features.

Home Pages

Joris's Page-This is a great page and my inspiration for creating this site. This guy has done a ton of how-to's and some cool videos as well.

Pablo's gs500 page-This guy bought his bike a few months ago but you wouldn't know it because for what he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasim and thirst for knowlege. I predict his page will grow the fastest. Seriously, it has doubled in size just since this morning. 

GS Venders

$62 Racing Belly Pan

Wild Hair Accessories