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Thirteen Dollar bar end mirror mod

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I bought this Pyramid Bar End Mirror for eight dollars at a local bicycle shop. I threw out all of the hardware that came with the mirror except the mirror and the bracket. I had to widen the hole in the bracket with a drill so I could slide the bolt of the bar end weight through the hole. It took all of fifteen minutes including the time to pitch the original mirrors in the basement. I then spent another five dollars at the local Kawasaki dealer on a pair of rubber caps to fill the holes of the old mirror mounts. You could also use ten millimeter bolts from a hardware store.
The Good: No shoulder in the mirror.
                  Cleaner looking front end.
                  Easier to put a bike cover on.
                  Cheap to replace if bike is droppped.
                  Hand adjustable.

The Bad:   Easily moved.
                  Objects are closer than they appear.